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A recent detour bridge project in BC’s Kootenay National Park really showcased the versatility of our Modular Panel Bridge systems. The bridge was originally ordered with a 100′ span, but it was decided after delivery that it need to be 110′.

So the Algonquin Bridge team went to work and, with a 110% effort, we had the design modified and the additional components onsite within a week and a half. Through a structure redesign — modifying bridge components rather than making new ones — we were able to keep truss configuration changes to a minimum and ship fewer extra components to the site faster.

Bridge part of major Parks Canada infrastructure upgrade
Parks Canada and the federal government are spending $31.1 million on multiple infrastructure projects in Banff, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks, including this permanent bridge replacement located at Haffner Creek on Highway 93 South, near the Marble Canyon day use area.

An Algonquin Representative was on site for the installation and the customer expressed how pleased they were with how the bridge came together.

Detour bridges also used at Gros Morne National Park, NL
Parks Canada also rented a Modular Panel Bridge system from Algonquin in 2016 for a replacement detour at Southeast Brook. They subsequently purchased a re-deployable system from us and used it for their Bakers Brook replacement detour in 2017.

Project at a glance:

Project Name: Haffner Creek Detour Bridge
Location: Kootenay National Park
Owner: Parks Canada
Contractor: DCL Construction Services
Product: Modular Panel Bridge (Rental)
Application: Detour Bridge
Sector: Transportation
Dimensions: Length 33.5 m, Width 8.4 m