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Mabey Delta Bridge System

Pre-cambered truss system with friction-grip, pre-tensioned bolting system for permanent applications.

The Mabey Delta Bridge system is the latest addition to Mabey Bridge’s range of modular steel panel bridges. Developed in 2003, it uses the innovative 4.5 m long ‘Delta’ panel. These connectable panels are bolted to top and bottom chord members to form the side trusses that carry the applied loads between abutments and intermediate piers. Delta trusses are provided with a positive pre-camber to counter the effects of dead load deflection.

  • „Friction grip, pre-tensioned bolting system
  • „Uses deeper 4.5 m long bolted ‘side-truss’ panels
  • „Clear spans of up to 90 m*
  • „Roadway widths of 4.2 m to 10.5 m
  • Internal and cantilevered footwalks

*One-lane configuration with CL-625 loading. Ask for details.

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