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Epoxy Aggregate Coated Deck

Custom bridge decking, Epoxy aggregate, Modular Panel Bridge

Algonquin Modular Panel Bridges

Adaptable and redeployable bridging solutions for virtually any application

Algonquin Modular Panel Bridges are innovative and economical bridging solutions for a wide array of permanent or temporary applications. Their components are inventoried with Algonquin Bridge and ready to ship across Canada. They are easy to handle/assemble and are completely reusable. Designs can be configured for a wide range of roadway widths for up to three lanes. Driving surfaces can be either steel deck (usually epoxy aggregate coated for improved traction) or timber. 

Modular Panel Bridge,

Algonquin Modular Panel Bridges »
Our best-selling solution for a wide range of span and loading applications.

Modular Panel Bridge,

Algonquin Heavy-Duty Modular Panel Bridge »
Pre-cambered truss system with friction-grip, pre-tensioned bolting system for permanent applications.


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