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When the Ministère des Transports Quebec (MTQ) needed to replace an older bridge over Rivière Sauvage near Saint-Romain, a short-order detour bridge went a long way to keep the project on schedule.


With several units already in play, Modular Panel Bridges are one of MTQ’s preferred solutions in detour bridging. The rental option allows them to replace a bridge without impacting the day-to-day traffic. Plus, they can avoid staged construction which saves time during the permanent replacement build.

In-stock components speed delivery
We maintain a healthy inventory of components in various widths and spans to be ready to fulfill all types of requests, large or small.

In this case, our engineering was done in parallel with the materials preparation and the full bridge was onsite in less than three weeks from receiving the order. Algonquin provided a site advisor during the start of the assembly and a final inspection. The bridge was installed and opened for traffic on time.

MTQ familiar with renting Algonquin bridges
Having previously rented Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge Systems, the MTQ team was familiar with the benefits of renting from Algonquin Bridge:

  • Keeps costs to timeframe of need
  • Frees up capital for other purposes
  • No maintenance or storage expenses
  • Improves project balance sheet and ROI
  • Canada-wide distribution and support
  • In-house engineering and design
  • Dependable field service
  • Professional Engineer stamped drawings