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The New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (NBDTI) recently installed one of our popular Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge Systems using its own district crews instead of a contractor. The new bridge is a permanent replacement for a failed wooden Howe Truss bridge on Route 550 near Centreville in Carleton County.

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Our best-selling solution for a wide range of span and loading applications
The Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge is the most popular prefabricated steel panel bridge system in the world, with:

  • 3 m pinned truss panels
  • Clear spans of up to 61 m in increments of 3 m
  • Standard roadway widths of 3.15 m, 4.2 m and 7.35 m
  • Internal and cantilevered footwalks
  • Configurable for vehicular, pedestrian or utility support uses

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