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When the community of Clarence-Rockland, southeast of Ottawa, needed a replacement bridge for a small stream crossing, a custom-designed Girder Bridge from Algonquin Bridge was the solution of choice.

The contractor on this project, Arnco Construction, had a very positive experience with The AIL Group on a similar design-build bridge project in 2015. They were happy to be back in that comfort zone and to be using Algonquin Bridge on this one.

Quick and easy installation
The crossing was the only connection for several homes on a dead-end road, so the bridge needed to be installed quickly to minimize road closure time and to be ready for the start of the school year — and the school buses.

100 mm camber applied to girders
The bridge was designed for standard highway traffic loads. To reduce load deflection, a 100 mm camber was added to the girders at the factory before the modules were built. As the contractor was planning to paint the bridge onsite, we supplied the girders with their ends pre-painted.

The two longitudinal sections, along with the guiderail components and hardware, were shipped on one trailer load.


Painted steel deck with complete joint-penetrating welds
The bridge also featured a textured steel deck with a painted finish. Also, complete joint-penetrating welds at the deck surface joints allowed for ample run-off at each end of the bridge.

Project at a glance:
Name: Boileau Girder Bridge
Location: Clarence-Rockland, Ontario
Owner: Clarence-Rockland
Engineer: HP Engineering Bridge
Designer: Algonquin Bridge
Contractor: Arnco Construction
Product: Custom Girder Bridge, standard highway traffic loads
Application: Stream Crossing
Dimensions: Length 20.9 m and 42.7 m, Width 5 m (clear inside guiderails)
Installation time: One Day