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Commotion Creek was the hardest hit area during the devastating June 2016 floods that swept through the Peace River Valley in northeastern BC. Culverts under Highway 97 and a rail crossing were completely washed out as a heavy mountain snow melt combined with an unprecedented 120 mm of rainfall in just 72 hours.

In total, The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (BC MOTI) is replacing five bridges in the Chetwynd area as part of a comprehensive flood mitigation strategy. Algonquin Bridge was contracted to provide an Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge to serve as a rental detour crossing at the Commotion Creek site.

BC MOTI familiar with renting Algonquin bridges
Having previously rented an Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge System to serve as a temporary pedestrian crossing during their extensive McKenzie Interchange project in Saanich, the BC MOTI team was familiar with the benefits of renting from Algonquin Bridge:

  • Keeps costs to timeframe of need
  • Frees up capital for other purposes
  • No maintenance or storage expenses
  • Improves project balance sheet and ROI
  • Canada-wide distribution and support
  • In-house engineering and design
  • Dependable field service
  • Professional Engineer stamped drawings


As Canada’s go-to bridging solutions partner, we stock a wide range of Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge Systems and components for both short- and long-term rentals.

Project at a glance:
Project Name: Commotion Creek Bridge
Location: Chetwynd, British Columbia
Owner: BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Contractor: CEWE Infrastructure Ltd
Product: Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge
Application: Detour Bridge
Sector: Transportation
Dimensions: Length 39.62 m, Width 9.45 m
Installation Time: Two weeks

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