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Having purchased a Mabey Modular Bridge System from Algonquin Bridge just a few years ago, the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal has already redeployed the system for a second major project detour.

The Mabey Compact 200 unit is now in place along a busy stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway (104) at Heatherton, near Antigonish. This bridge will help to mitigate inconvenience and delays for motorists.

For greater safety, the new permanent bridge will be set at a grade that is 5 m higher than the old bridge. The detour bridge was also set at that higher grade and, after disassembly, its approaches will be left in place for use in future highway twinning.

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Mabey Compact 200 Bridge System
The Mabey Compact 200 Bridge System is the most popular pre-fabricated steel panel bridge system in the world. It is the latest development of Sir Donald Bailey’s original Bailey Bridge System that played a key part in Allied troop movements during the Second World War and in the reconstruction efforts that followed.

In partnership with AIL International Inc., Algonquin Bridge is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for the sales and rental of Mabey Modular Bridge System.

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Project-at-a- glance
Project Name: Heatherton By-Pass Detour Bridge
Location: Trans-Canada Highway 104, Heatherton, Nova Scotia
Owner: Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Contractor: Nova Construction / Ian Sinclair Contracting
Product: Mabey Compact 200, Modular Panel Bridge
Application: Temporary Detour, Stream Crossing
Dimensions: 61 m clear span x 8.05 m width
Installation Time: Approximately one month