Emergency Bridges

Algonquin Bridge can fast track emergency bridge replacements directly to your site anywhere in Canada.

Need an emergency replacement bridge?

Just call our 24-Hour Emergency Response line and we’ll take it from there.

Algonquin is your proven partner for emergency replacement bridges

In the last decade, increasingly severe weather events with bridge failures and bridge washouts have been on the rise. When faced with an emergency bridge replacement, time is of the essence. You need a proven partner you can rely on.

“Bailey Bridge” style replacement bridges are ready to ship across Canada

Algonquin Bridge maintains an inventory of Modular Bridge Systems for fast delivery throughout Canada. These pre-engineered “Bailey Bridge” style replacement bridges are ideally suited to the fast replacement of damaged bridges or bridge washouts and have proven themselves many times in emergency situations. Local teams with minimal experience can easily assemble these emergency replacement bridges on-site, and they can be either lifted into place or cantilever launched from one side, as shown here.

The standard set of fully interchangeable components means they can be ordered and shipped while final requirements are still being defined and designs completed. Plus, our logistics team and specialized carriers are very experienced in handling oversized loads and getting your emergency replacement bridge delivered right to your site. Our specialized engineers are ready to support you on design, configuration and installation.

For temporary bridges or permanent bridges

Algonquin Modular Bridge Systems can be used for temporary bridge or permanent bridge applications and components can be stored for multiple re-use. Features include:

  • Modular, robust and highly versatile
  • Rapid deployment to remote locations
  • Quick and easy to build with local teams
  • Clear spans of up to 81 m
  • 1, 2 and 3 lane configurations

Rent your emergency replacement bridge from Algonquin Bridge

Emergency bridge rental can help to expedite your solution. It also keeps costs to the timeframe of need and frees up capital for other purposes. Algonquin Bridge stocks a wide range of Modular Bridge Systems components for both short- and long-term rentals.

Call our 24-Hour Emergency Response Line: 1-844-274-3535


Bailey Bridge style emergency replacement bridge on existing abutments

Algonquin Modular Bridge Systems
Available for sale or rent, pre-engineered Algonquin Modular Bridge Systems are ideally suited to emergency replacement bridges. These “Bailey Bridge” style solutions are perfect for remote locations. Their components are ready to ship across Canada and are easily assembled and installed with local crews and equipment.

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Bolt-A-Bin-abutment ready for emergency replacement bridges

Bridge Abutments
Emergency bridges or temporary bridges tend to need quick abutment solutions, and nothing is faster than our Bolt-A-Bin cellular bin-style retaining walls. We also offer economical and easy-to-install Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Walls (Precast Panel Wall or Wire Wall) to complete your emergency bridge solution.

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Need an emergency replacement bridge?

Just call our 24-Hour Emergency Response line and we'll take it from there.

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