Algonquin Bridge provides accelerated bridging solutions for a wide variety of sectors.

Algonquin provides efficient infrastructure solutions for the transportation, public works, railway, mining & energy, forestry and development sectors.

Bridges to keep you connected. All ways.
Whatever the sector, the Algonquin Bridge team has a unique understanding of the precise needs of each application and how to solve complex issues with ease.

With a Canada-wide network, Algonquin Bridge is a proven project partner experienced in all sectors – ready to help you through every stage of your bridge project. Plus, as a member of The AIL Group of Companies, we bring a world of resources and expertise to our projects.

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Public Works Bridges

Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridge over busy intersection, Passerelle piétonnière préfabriquée surplombant un carrefour achalandé

With decades of experience providing efficient solutions for the public works sector, Algonquin Bridge understands the economic realities facing today’s county or municipal infrastructure officials. Our Custom Prefabricated Bridges or Modular Bridge Systems offer easy, fast installation with limited downtime and a solution to suit every budget.

Transportation Bridge Solutions

Highway Stream Crossing with Algonquin Modular Vehicular Bridge, Une autoroute enjambe un cours d'eau grâce à un pont modulaire pour véhicules Algonquin

Algonquin Bridge offers a versatile and comprehensive selection of Custom Prefabricated Bridges or Modular Bridge Systems for cars, trucks and other passenger and commercial vehicles. They can be easily lengthened, widened and strengthened to suit a full range of vehicular needs as well as different design load standards. Sidewalks can also be added.

Railway Bridges

Freight train passing under Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge, Train de marchandises passant sous un pont modulaire à panneaux Algonquin

Algonquin Bridge has innovative bridging solutions for virtually any railway sector application on today’s Class 1, Short Line or Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems. Our engineered railway bridges ship economically to remote sites and install quickly with minimal equipment, material and labour requirements. That translates to fewer interruptions to road or rail traffic.

Urban Bridge Solutions

Prefab Girder Bridge over a river in an urban setting, Pont à poutres préfabriqué enjambant une rivière en milieu urbain

Growing towns and cities need to both create new infrastructure and replace old. Algonquin Bridge designers bring enhanced aesthetics to their projects with fiscally prudent and environmentally responsible choices that will benefit your community for many decades. Make an Algonquin Custom Prefabricated Bridge part of your urbanscaping plan. We make it easy.

Northern Bridge Solutions

Mining truck on Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge in the Arctic, Camion minier sur un pont modulaire à panneaux Algonquin dans l'Arctique

At Algonquin, we understand the unique needs of the far North, and our innovative bridge solutions reflect that. Our lightweight and strong Prefabricated Bridges and Modular Bridge Systems are economical, resilient and suited to northern construction projects of all kinds. They are easy to transport, and installation can be carried out by a local team with locally available equipment.

Private Development Bridges

Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridge in residential development, Passerelle piétonnière préfabriquée dans un quartier résidentiel

Algonquin Bridge provides value engineered bridging solutions for many different types of applications in the development sector. Private developers choose our custom-built Prefabricated Bridges for their wide variety of truss design, finish and decking options at a reasonable cost — from Vehicular Girder Bridges to Pedestrian Walkways to Golf Course Bridges.


Recreational Trail Bridges

Equestrian riders on Algonquin Prefab Trail Bridge, Cavaliers sur un pont préfabriqué Algonquin conçu pour les sentiers

Whether it’s multi-use or activity-specific trails, Algonquin Bridge understands the unique needs of trail systems. We specialize in recreational trail bridges of all shapes and sizes for both urban and rural applications. Our trail bridges can be found in urban parks, on ATV or snowmobile trails, on ski resorts, over expansive rivers and across wide transportation corridors.

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