Prefabricated Bridge Design Ideas Gallery

Take a look at the many design ideas and aesthetic treatments available for today’s prefabricated bridges.

Algonquin’s Prefabricated Bridges offer many opportunities to bring enhanced aesthetics to your projects. From finishes and lighting, to truss styles and decking types, here’s a quick snapshot of what’s available in our bridge manufacturer’s design aesthetics toolbox.


Crossing a bridge always evokes a feeling…

rear of car crossing vehicular truss bridge with curved arches

Whether it’s a truss bridge on a nice country drive…


Prefabricated hiking trail bridge over mountain gorge

Or a trail bridge over a roaring mountain gorge.


Prefab pedestrian bridge in residential development

Prefab bridges can be a community focal point.


Enclosed pedestrian bridge with sweeping arch bridge design

Designs can be as varied as our imaginations.


Enclosed pedestrian bridge with angled bridge design

Curves, angles — everything is on the table…


Pedestrian bridge with architectural canopy

From architectural sunscreens and canopies…


Painted-pedestrian bridge with curved truss bridge design

To unique truss styles and colour schemes…


Covered pedestrian bridge with box truss bridge design

To enclosed pedways…


: Enclosed pedway with custom coloured bridge design

We can make your vision a reality.


Naturally weathering pedestrian bridge park setting

A bridge should feel at home in its environment.


Covered pedestrian bridge design with floral motifs

It can adopt themes from the local area…


Prefab pedestrian bridge design reflects resort architecture

Pick up elements from nearby architecture…


Enclosed pedway with custom masonry pier bridge design

Or make its own architectural statement.


Prefabricated steel girder bridge blends into urban downtown

A bridge can quietly blend into the urban setting…


Prefabricated pedestrian bridge ties into landscape design

Tying into the local landscape design…


Prefabricated pedestrian bridge connects college campus

And connecting communities all ways.


Prefabricated pedestrian bridge design with unique features

Bridges can adopt styles from local developments.


Prefabricated hiking trail bridge design with natural stone abutments

They can become a natural part of their settings…


Green painted hiking trail bridge design in forest setting

Whether it’s blending into the forest…


: Black enameled pedestrian bridge design ties into park railing

Tying into the local urban park’s railings…


Prefabricated trail bridge design with flower boxes on railings

Or being the most fragrant part of the bike ride.


Bowstring truss pedestrian bridge design with architectural lighting

Architectural lighting can set any bridge apart.


Cable-stayed pedestrian bridge design with architectural lighting

It can make a bridge feel welcoming and safe…


Wide view of cable-stayed pedestrian bridge design with lighting

And create a community focal point.


Wide view of pedestrian bridge design with LED lighting

Even automated LED lighting systems are available.


Bowstring truss pedestrian bridge decorated with holiday lights

On any level, lighting makes a real difference!


We can help you make the most of your next project
Our Technical Sales Representatives, Designers and Engineers are ready to help you make the most of your next prefabricated bridge project. Certainly, we can value-engineer your solution to make sure you are saving time and money, but we can also draw from the many devices in our aesthetics toolbox to make the end results truly notable. Typically, the sooner we get involved, the better the outcome.

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