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With our Custom Prefabricated Bridges and our Modular Panel Bridges, Algonquin Bridge is your go-to partner in accelerated bridge construction.

Keeping communities connected. All ways.

Algonquin Bridge designs and supplies a wide range of steel bridge products and crossing solutions across Canada and beyond.

From the smallest pedestrian crossing to multi-lane vehicular spans, Algonquin Bridges are connecting communities – all ways. And beyond communities, they are also connecting mine sites, woodland trails, railways and even Canada’s far North.

Wherever they are, you can be sure that the connection has been made with Algonquin’s efficiency and quality built into every bridge. Because we’re not just building bridges, we’re building relationships.

Our bridges can be divided into two categories:

An Algonquin Bridge design: a custom prefabricated trail bridge across a river

Custom Prefabricated Bridges »

Custom Prefabricated Bridges utilize steel trusses or girders as the main load-carrying members and are available in a variety of styles and finishes for pedestrian or vehicular applications.

Bailey Bridge style modular panel steel bridge reaching over river

Modular Panel Bridges »

Whether it’s our Custom Prefabricated Bridges or our “ready-to-roll” Modular Panel Bridge Systems, we have the expertise and accelerated solutions you need, when you need them. Permanent or temporary, purchase or rental our bridges are there for you, even in emergencies.

Our full-service approach covers engineering, design, fabrication, delivery and on-site installation assistance from coast-to-coast throughout Canada.

Get inspired; visit our Bridge Design Ideas Gallery >>

Our new Ontario manufacturing plant

Able to produce a 250 ft continuous structure, our new Thorndale, Ontario plant (off Highway 401, near London) opened in 2017. It has been carefully planned for maximum end-to-end, flow-though efficiency with two 25-ton overhead cranes and several cellular workstations. Two floors of adjoining office space are home to our executive, sales, engineering and production management teams. The facility is situated on a large site with plenty of room for future expansion.

Our commitment to sustainable solutions

The AIL Group has identified environmental stewardship and commitment to sustainability as part of our strategic plan and our vision for the future. As we have in the past, we will continue to actively examine strategies to advance that vision and our commitment to leadership for our industry.

Please review our Sustainability Policy >>

Learn more about Algonquin Bridge

Algonquin corporate video thumbnail

View Algonquin Bridge Corporate Video (YouTube 1:19)

View a short video that profiles Algonquin Bridge as a successful steel bridge manufacturer located in Essex County, Ontario. Video shows our new Thorndale facility, our bridge design and fabrication processes, and speaks to our positioning for future growth. Video courtesy of Invest in Essex County.

Download the Algonquin Bridge brochure (PDF 7 MB)

Algonquin Bridge Brochure

Learn more about accelerated bridge construction options in Algonquin Bridge’s 12-page, full-color brochure which outlines our full range of Modular Panel Bridges, Custom Prefabricated Girder Bridges, Bridge Abutments and Packaged Bridge Systems available from Algonquin Bridge.

Algonquin Bridge is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

CWB Group

CWB Certified

Algonquin Bridge is certified by the CWB Group, an industry supported private sector organization providing welding certification, management systems registration and training services to over 7600 companies in 34 countries. More about the CWB Group>>

The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

CISC ICCA member logo

The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) is Canada’s voice for the steel construction industry. The CISC promotes dialogue, collaboration and commerce between industry stakeholders and advancing the benefits of steel to the consulting community, builders and buyers, academia and government. More about the CISC >>

The Transportation Association of Canada

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The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) is a not-for-profit, national technical association that focuses on road and highway infrastructure and urban transportation. Their 500 corporate members include all levels of governments, private sector companies, academic institutions, and other associations. TAC provides a neutral, non-partisan forum for those organizations, and their thousands of staff, to come together to share ideas and information, build knowledge, and pool resources in addressing transportation issues and challenges. More about TAC >>

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