• May 24th, 2022

City of Guelph earns OPWA Project of the Year Award for Algonquin Custom Prefabricated Vehicular Truss Bridge.

The City of Guelph was recently recognized with three Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) awards, including two for Project of the Year — one of which was Algonquin’s Bowstring Truss Bridge on historic Niska Road.

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This replacement bridge was built with two lanes and safe pedestrian and cycling access, traffic calming features and vehicle size restrictions. The new bridge was designed to be compatible with the cultural heritage landscape of the area, so it incorporates architectural elements of the original bridge and maintains the views it afforded.

“We are thrilled to have designed and supplied this bridging solution for the City of Guelph,“ commented Dale Gaston, President of Algonquin Bridge. “Our Custom Prefabricated Truss Bridges are ideal choices for municipalities seeking heavy-duty bridges with old-style aesthetics.”

“I want to congratulate all the staff, volunteers, community members, consultants and contractors who worked together to deliver these exceptional projects,” said Jayne Holmes, Guelph’s Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise. “We are honoured to be recognized for working together on creative solutions that protect and preserve Guelph’s unique history and cultural heritage.”

The OPWA awards promote excellence in the management and administration of public works projects in five categories and recognize the collaboration between the managing agency/municipality, the consultant/architect/engineer and the contractor who all work together to complete public works projects.

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