Finish Options

Choose from a wide variety of attractive options for your Algonquin Prefabricated Bridge.

Algonquin steel bridges are renowned for their high-quality finishes.

Choose from a traditional weathering steel finish, creative paint scheme or long-lasting galvanized or metalized finishes to set your bridge apart and to enjoy decades of trouble-free service.

: Close-up of naturally weathering steel finish

A weathering steel superstructure is an economical choice, with a unique appearance that complements outdoor settings. Weathering steel naturally oxidizes to provide a protective patina that does not require painting. The colour will vary regionally from dark brown to orange tones. Weathering steel brings several key benefits:

  • Reduced toxic emissions: No oil-based coating is used, which reduces emissions of volatile organic compounds.
  • No contaminated blast debris in habitats: Because the steel is not painted, no periodic maintenance or sandblasting is required.
  • Cost savings of 10 percent or more, initially: and even more over the life of the structure. No painting and steel’s durability means reduced costs.
  • Long life and high performance: Weathering steel has been used on bridges for many decades and performs well in most environments.

Close-up of painted enamel finish

Sophisticated paint finishes can add another level of interest to an already stunning bridge. Architects, engineers and owners alike specify factory-applied paint finishes to align their designs with neighbouring structures or other urban design features.

Close-up of painted enamel finish

Hot-Dip Galvanized
Commonly used in coastal areas, a hot-dip galvanized finish increases the lifespan of a bridge by adding a metallurgically bonded zinc layer to the structural steel members. Speak to an Algonquin Technical Sales Representative to learn more about component size limitations during the hot-dipping process.

 Close-up of metalized steel finish

Metalizing is a process where zinc and/or aluminum is thermally applied to the steel surface. This finish provides a very uniform coating, allowing for an additional clear or painted topcoat as required.

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