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Custom Prefabricated Bridges

Pedestrian, vehicular, recreational trail and utility support

Girder Bridges

Suitable for a wide variety of applications

Algonquin Modular Panel Bridges

Adaptable and redeployable bridging solutions for virtually any application

Emergency Bridges

Ready to be shipped and deployed by local teams

Custom Pedestrian Bridges

Design flexibility with a full range of styles, options and finishes

Bridge Rentals

Ready to deploy across Canada

Resource Road Bridges

Easy to transport, assemble and redeploy in remote locations


Pangnirtung on Baffin Island in Canada’s high arctic

Innovative Bridging Solutions

Algonquin Bridge designs and supplies a wide range of steel bridge products and crossing solutions across Canada and beyond. Our bridges can be divided into two categories:

Modular Panel Bridges
Available for sale or rental, Algonquin Modular Panel Bridges are ready to quick ship and assemble for temporary or permanent applications.

Custom Prefabricated Bridges » Custom Prefabricated Bridges utilize steel trusses or beams as the main load carrying members and are available in a variety of styles and finishes for pedestrian or vehicular applications. Whichever type of bridging you need, rest assured that Algonquin Bridge is your single source for virtually any type of application:

  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Cyclist Bridges
  • Equestrian Bridges
  • All Purpose Trail Bridges
  • Snowmobile Trail Bridges
  • Golf Course Bridges
  • Utility Bridges
  • Pipe Support Bridges
  • Highway / Municipal Bridges

  • Logging or Mining Bridges
  • Girder Bridges
  • Railroad Bridges
  • Marine Roll On / Roll Off Bridges
  • Construction Site Bridges
  • Emergency Bridge Replacements
  • Military Logistic Support Bridges
  • Floating Bridges
  • Temporary Detour Bridges

 Algonquin Bridge, Algonquin Bridge System

Package it up and save with The Algonquin Bridge System.

Save time and money on your next bridging project by asking us to supply your bridge as a complete package. We offer a range of options in bridges, abutments, piers/towers, back walls, decking, bearing pads and guiderails. Learn more »


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  • Ready to deploy across Canada
  • Reduce costs, free up capital
  • Short-term or long-term solutions