Learn more about Algonquin Bridge and our innovative Custom Prefabricated Bridges and Modular Panel Bridge Systems.


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    Video, 1:19

    Algonquin Bridge Corporate Video

    View a short video that profiles Algonquin Bridge as a successful steel bridge manufacturer located in Middlesex County, Ontario. The video shows our new Thorndale facility (near London), our bridge design and fabrication processes and speaks to our positioning for future growth. Video courtesy of Invest in Middlesex County.
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    Video, 5:38

    Assembly and Cantilever Launch of a Modular Panel Bridge

    View this animated video of how a typical Modular Panel Bridge is assembled and cantilever launched from one side without the need for heavy lifting equipment.
  • Modular Panel Bridge crane lift install, Kawartha Lakes, ON

    A crane lift installation method was used for this 24.5 m Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge, serving as a permanent crossing to a private cottage at Pigeon Lake.
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    Video, 2:10

    Modular Panel Bridge Cantilevered Launch, Berthierville, QC

    When the Ministre des Transports Quebec required a temporary detour solution for their bridge replacement project on Autoroute 40, near Berthierville, an Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge System filled the gap. The launch was executed from one side using a fully cantilevered sequence with a 10-bay launch nose. When all was ready, on-site equipment nudged the structure across the river to the opposite side.
  • Pedestrian Bridge with MSE Retaining Wall Abutments, Victoria, BC

    Take a 360° video tour of this Algonquin Custom Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridge over Johnson Avenue in West Victoria. This parallel chord underhung truss style offers the shortest superstructure depth for when clearances are critical.
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    Video, 2:17

    Pedestrian Bridge Replacement, Winnipeg, MB

    Watch an Algonquin Custom Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridge being installed in King's Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Video courtesy of Pier Solutions.
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    Video, 3:37

    Pedestrian/Trail Bridge Installation, Barrington, NS

    Watch an Algonquin Custom Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridge being installed in Barrington, Nova Scotia. Video courtesy of the Municipality of the District of Barrington.


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