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One of our Algonquin Rental Bridge Systems recently helped the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) reach an inaccessible bank of the Humber River for an important erosion control and slope stabilization project. The eroding bank was a risk to a large housing complex above and could only be accessed by crossing from a park on the opposite shore.

Rental bridge delivers benefits for TRCA
By opting to rent this Algonquin Panel Bridge System, the TRCA was able to realize several key benefits. They avoided maintenance/storage expenses and kept their costs contained to the timeframe of need — freeing up capital for other purposes.

Bridge installed without contracting out
The bridge system was assembled adjacent to the site by the TRCA’s own crews and crane-lifted onto the temporary abutment structures. Being a first-time install for this team, we were onsite to offer assistance at the outset and remained in communication with the site manager throughout the process to ensure all went well.

temporary bridge, mabey compact 200, mabey modular panel bridge, detour bridge  temporary bridge, mabey compact 200, mabey modular panel bridge, detour bridge

Although a single lane bridge, it has double trusses on either side to help carry the weight of heavy construction vehicles and materials.

Discover the benefits of renting from Algonquin Bridge
Algonquin Bridge stocks a wide range of Modular Panel Bridge components for both short- and long-term rentals anywhere in Canada.

Project at a glance:
Name: Scarlett Road Bridge, TRCA
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Application: Temporary River Crossing (Rental)
Product: Algonquin Modular Panel Bridge
Dimensions: Span 30.5 m, Width 4.2 m
Installation time: Six Days

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